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Jatiluwih Green Land , is located about 700 m above sea level in the regency of Tabanan of the district of Penebel, in Bali. are terraces of rice that cover much of the region west of Bali, this area is very famous for its exotic and beautiful landscapes, was a candidate for World Heritage by UNESCO.

This place has cold climate dueto the heights of its lands and the surprising landscape of east village , that meets to foot from mount Batukaru .

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What can you see and do Jatiluwih Green Land?

In this area is the largest expanse of rice fields in Bali and perhaps in all of Indonesia, where you can see and do the following:

✅ What can I see in Jatiluwih Green Land

➡ ️ It is recommended to enjoy the landscape also at dusk because the rice fields are equally impressive.Full of fireflies and with a pleasant sound of nature that arises and becomes more evident at night.

➡ ️ Halfway through, you can see an impressive view, of 180º terraces with gentle slopes that is as far as the eye can see.

➡ ️Se you can see exotic green views, for this you must go further up in the village.

✅ What can I do in Jatiluwih Green Land

➡ ️ When you visit this area you can be in touch with real Balinese farmers and get to know the local rhythm of life. Learn about their gardening traditions and you can also learn about the fruits that grow in this the rainforest.

➡ ️ Around the road that leads to the rice terraces you will find several restaurants and they serve international and local food.

➡ ️ You can ride through the hills and explore the terraced rice fields on bike.

➡ You can take a trek through the rice fields.

? Also with this tour you can experience the philosophy of life from Tri Hita Karana, the Three Causes of the Goodness and Prosperity. The people of this region believe that prosperity and goodness can only be achieved if is lived in harmony with: the gods (Parhyangan), with the humans (Pawongan) and with the nature (Palemahan).

✅ Recommendations to visit Jatiluwih Green Land

✅ It is recommended to take water, something to eat and if possible to rest in one of the small shawls that farmers use for their rest.✅ Footwear should be adequate because the soil is usually wet and muddy, this in order to avoid falls.✅ It is recommended to visit this site with a local guide who knows the place better.✅ It is recommended to take insect repellent.